About grammY

What is grammY?

grammY is a piece of software that you can use when you want to program your own chat botopen in new window for the Telegram Messengeropen in new window. When you make bots, you will notice that some parts of this process are tedious and always the same. grammY does the heavy lifting for you and makes it super simple to create a bot.

When was grammY created?

The first publish of grammY code was in late March, 2021. It reached its first stable version a few weeks later.

Who develops grammY?

grammY is developed by a team of volunteers who work on the core library, the docs, and the remaining ecosystem in their free time. You can find a list of all our contributors in the READMEopen in new window of our repository.

Feel free to make contact in the group chatopen in new window! If you speak Russian, you can also join us hereopen in new window!

How is grammY developed?

grammY is completely free and open-source software. Its code is available on GitHubopen in new window.

We welcome all contributions. All code changes are reviewed by several pairs of eyes, optimized iteratively and tested extensively, often using production code of various projects and people.

What programming language does grammY use?

grammY is written from the ground up in TypeScript—a superset of JavaScript. Therefore, it runs on Node.js.

However, grammY can also run on Deno, which positions itself as the successor of Node.js. (Technically, you can even run grammY on modern browsers, though this will rarely be useful.)

How does grammY compare to its competitors?

If you’re coming from a different programming language or framework, you can check out our detailed comparison between frameworks.

How can I support you?

There are a number of great ways to support this project!

Currently, we do not take any donations or other financial support.