Welcome to grammY! You’ve come to the right place.

What Is grammY?

grammY is a framework for creating Telegram bots. It can be used from TypeScript and JavaScript and runs on Node.js, Deno, and in the browser.

Check out the Introduction if you’re new to writing Telegram bots, especially if you have little coding experience.

If you know how to write an application for Node.js or Deno or have already created a Telegram bot with another bot framework, get up and running in minutes with our Getting Started guide.

About the Documentation

The documentation for grammY bots is divided into three layers.

  1. High-level grammY docs (this website)
  2. Low-level grammY API referenceopen in new window
  3. Raw HTTP API reference by Telegramopen in new window

The first part (you’re looking at it!) explains how bots work and how to use grammY. This is what you will use most often. The Learn section is always a good start. Also check out our great collection of Plugins, and have a look at the Examples.

The second part is the grammY API referenceopen in new window, linked at the top of the page. This is a detailed overview of every single bit of code that grammY provides. It is automatically generated from grammY’s code and contains all of the useful tooltip explanations, normally found by hovering your cursor over any element of grammY in a code editor.

The third part is provided by Telegram and lists the raw definitions of the HTTP APIopen in new window that grammY will connect to under the hood. The grammY API reference links to it wherever that makes sense. Have a look at it when you are interested in the detailed options that you can pass to API calls.

Join the Community!

We have a friendly community chatopen in new window on Telegram that welcomes all new members. (You can find the Russian chat hereopen in new window.) Join us to get assistance, ask questions, and learn tips and tricks for your next bot project.